Key steps to big data security in higher education

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Published August 21, 2013   |   
Antony Adshead

Higher education is a sector that lends itself to big data analytics. Organisations can draw on multiple sources of education-related information – such as courses and research – and may use Web 2.0 and social media channels as part of this.

At the same time, higher education organisations are host to vast amounts of student and staff personal data, as well being operators of on-campus businesses handling financial transactions, so big data security is a major concern also.

In this podcast, storage editor Antony Adshead talks with CEO of Vigitrust, Mathieu Gorge, about big data security in higher education and the key steps towards achieving it, including how data is classified, putting in place disaster recovery/business continuity and steps to legal and regulatory compliance such as the PCI-DSS regulation.

Antony Adshead: What are the key issues in big data security in the higher education sector?

Mathieu Gorge: First, we need to appreciate that the higher education sector is increasingly reliant on online capabilities to educate students. So, we see higher education organisations running universities like a business and embracing new technologies such as e-learning, social media and Web 2.0 to educate their students.

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