#OnTheShouldersOf Sebastian Thrun

Published November 3, 2023   |   

Sebastian Thrun is a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous systems.

Thrun’s career took off when he joined Stanford University as a professor in the Department of Computer Science. Here, he became known for his groundbreaking work in robotics, particularly in developing autonomous vehicles.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to spearhead Google’s self-driving car project, Waymo, in 2009. Under his leadership, Waymo became a leader in autonomous vehicle technology, conducting extensive testing and paving the way for integrating self-driving cars into mainstream transportation. He was also the CEO of Kitty Hawk Corporation.

Beyond his work in autonomous vehicles, Thrun is a pioneer in online education. He co-founded Udacity, an online learning platform that offers courses in various subjects, making education more accessible and affordable to people worldwide.

Thrun’s contributions to artificial intelligence, robotics, and education have earned him numerous accolades and recognition. He is a National Academy of Engineering member and has received awards such as the Max-Planck-Research Award and the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award. His work has not only pushed the boundaries of technology but has also made education more accessible to people globally. Thrun’s pioneering spirit inspires innovation and change in these rapidly evolving fields.