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Drives sales for leading B2B tech distribution company

cs India Banking 1

The challenge

Client bank cards used mainly for travel and international transactions had become irrelevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, with overall billings dropping by 64%

magic of


Interaction API

Cleaned and curated CRM and product data

Taste API
Leveraged customer similarity to help profile and identify other similar enterprises
icon Customer Taste Print
Identified preferred partners to best push the deal through
Affiliate API
Provided product recommendations that match the customer’s profile, in-deal recommendations to drive cross-sell/up-sell
User API
Enabled sale personnel to view partner, product, customer opportunities through AI studio

The results

csi lift
AED 19 M per month

Volume of digital personal loans

csi calender
AED 5 – 7M

Revenue from incremental sales

csi calender
AED 6.7 M

Incremental spends generated

  • Reduced duplicates -150K names to 90K names in CRM
  • Identified opportunity to increase revenue by 460 Cr INR through partner and product recommendations
  • Identified bundled solutions that can generate 15x revenue more than sale of single product