Software AG Launches Real-Time Analytics Platform for Intelligent Business Operations and Announces Acquisition of JackBe Corporation

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Published August 26, 2013   |   

Software AG (TecDAX: SOW AG) today announced the launch of its new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO) and the acquisition of JackBe Corporation. JackBe is a privately-held company with headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland (USA) and a provider of real-time visual analytics and intelligence software. Real-time visualisation and analytics are increasingly important in managing the technology megatrend of large data volumes. Providing rapid deployment and a mashup of different data sources, JackBe will serve as the foundation for Software AG’s new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform. The platform will provide customers with an integrated, real-time awareness of dynamic operations and processes via easy-to-use visualisations. The resulting improved response times and increased quality of business decisions will support decision-makers in achieving better business outcomes.