Top 10 cloud security training resources!

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Published December 12, 2018   |   

Cloud computing skills are in high demand right now. However, on the down-side, statistics have shown that there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Today, 40 percent of businesses are looking for ways to find employees who are qualified in this kind of computing.  By 2019, there will be 1.5 million job openings and the talent market are not expected to catch up to this demand. However, that doesn’t stop educators and organizations from bridging that gap. Thousands of quality resources are available to help both established engineers and budding techies get the education and skill sets they need in order to master cloud computing and security.

The cloud migration is widespread and boosts the investments from the enterprises. This is an excellent chance for people who want to improve their knowledge in cloud security to get resources that can help them be more competitive in their jobs. Currently, there exist a big number of various certifications and even more are being uploaded each month. You must make sure that you choose the right resources that will help you achieve success. This list will probably make this choice a little bit easier for you.

1. CompTIA Cloud+

This one is the top suppliers of vendor-neutral certifications worldwide. It has been in existence since 1993. Together with its long-standing industry certifications like the A+ and Network+, CompTIA also has two computing certifications, cloud essentials, and Cloud+.

The CompTIA Cloud+ is a robust entry-level certification that allows professionals with at least two years’ experience of working with networking systems, data centers and storage to get the education needed. It should not be confused with CompTIA’s Cloud Essential that is designed to introduce cloud to non-IT professionals.

If you pass the Cloud+ Certification exams, you may be sure that you possess sufficient knowledge in virtualization, cloud models, security, infrastructure, business continuity, and resource management.  With Cloud+, you can top the list because it allows you to get the perfect cloud technology for your employers and allows you to stand out from professionals who have only done CompTIA certifications. If you have the Network+, Server+, and Security+ certifications, the next logical step is to get the cloud+ certification.

The good news is that you will not need the CompTIA certification to acquire the cloud+.

2. (ISC)2 CCSP

If you are thinking of migrating the entire business to the cloud, there are certain security flaws and resource-intense projects that you should pay attention to.  The market cap of such businesses is expected to be about $10 billion in 2019. So, you should ensure that your business has all the security measures.

Having become a Certified Cloud Security Professional, you may be sure that you have relevant and efficient skills related to data security. You can get necessary training at two non-commercial organizations like (ISC)2 or Cloud Security Alliance, where a team of experts will make you know everything to become a security professional yourself.

The platforms allow you to get the vital knowledge to become a CCSP by taking all the necessary tests and exams. The latter is aimed at checking your competencies related to cloud application and other data infrastructure security. The courses will also teach you to focus on legality, compliance, privacy, and auditing processes, which are relevant as never before after GDPR has come into force.

3. AWS certified DevOps Engineer

This is a certification that permits you to find out the way to operate, provide and manage the distributed utilizing the AWS. This certification will concentrate on the DevOps end of things and include only continuous deployment, testing, and delivery. It additionally covers the governance, controls, and compliance validation. The Op is all about logging systems, monitoring, and metrics in addition to maintaining an operational system.

4. MCSE: private cloud

This course deals with the Windows server and other system center-focused studies. It is excellent for people who have already done the Microsoft certified solutions associate certification. If you are thinking of a career path in Microsoft technology, this is a great course to start with. You should note that it is the only cloud-labeled certification offered by Microsoft.  You should keep in mind that it also dwells on Azure web services.

5. Cloud Academy

If you don’t have enough time or desire to attend a traditional college or university, this online course is completely for you. The website offers both AWS and non-AWS oriented online training. It includes security training for all AWS certifications outlined above as well as the basic courses that cover subjects like OpenStack, docker, and DevOps. It is an excellent resource for learning both the basics and the technology-specific details of the computing under consideration.

6. Practice tests

If you really want to be competitive in the industry, you must make sure that you practice what you learn. A great way to test your knowledge is to engage in these practice tests such as the intrinsic Quiz Library. You get sample questions that will help you see just how well you memorize and apply information.

7. IBM Interconnect

If you really want to learn about technology today, you must listen to what experts in the industry discuss when it comes to mobile and cloud-based conferences. The IBM conference is a well-attended educational meeting that you can easily learn from both the attendees and speakers. Their content is great, and it is more open on allowing its employees to look at the best cloud security world than other vendors in the same area.

8. Google cloud next

This is a cloud-focused conference from a world-famous company. You will learn a lot more than just about Google’s cloud technology. It includes cloud security training for development, data processing, containers, storage, and other related issues. These Google conferences have a tendency to be focused on developers, and this is not an exception.

9. Excellent books for cloud computing pros

Well, if you do not want to attend conferences and have not started any classes yet, consider getting some amazing books on cloud computing services. Books like Amazon Web Services in Action by Andreas Witting and Michael Witting give business people a detailed introduction on how to move their infrastructure to AWS. It helps developers and admins learn how to get started in this path. The book has both terminological and graphical representations of the processes involved.

Another excellent book is Architecting the Cloud by Mike Kavis gives beginners a great foundation on the ways to build cloud-based systems. It is a great book for developers and people who are interested in all the technical information.

10. Cloud-focused blogs

One of the most popular sources of information is blogs. There are numerous blogs like Lori MacVittie’s blog post and Cloud Computing Log that offer you all the information you need to know about this type of computing. Most of these blogs are written by professionals in the field, and you may be sure that the information you find there is invaluable in your daily operations. They also keep you on your toes and help you make use of the architectural patterns available.


With the resources in this list, you are sure that you will learn fast and have enough information to remain competitive in this digital age. However, remember that the path to learning about the computing at hand is not limited to these resources, the best way is to choose your own path and follow it until success is achieved.