Slaves to the Algo: Good algorithms should augment, not control, lives | John Kim, Expedia (Part 1)

Published February 23, 2021   |   

How do you create great AI that can make use of data that hasn’t been even created? How will you prepare for a world where 90% of the data you will have in 2022 doesn’t exist today? John Kim of Expedia discusses these matters and why tech giants with the ability to fully personalize end-to-end experiences don’t do it.

John Kim is the President of Platform & Marketplaces at Expedia Group.  Essentially, he controls the brain behind Expedia. In this episode, Suresh and John talk about creating AI for everyday use cases with the enormous amounts of data we are generating today.

Listen to this episode to hear Suresh and John talk about:
1. The accuracy of algorithms with respect to forecasting
2. How algorithms have taken over the lives of consumers
3. New and upcoming use cases for algorithms
4. The challenges of building new and compelling consumer experiences

About Slaves to the Algo

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, our lives have been taken over by algorithms. Join two-time entrepreneur and AI evangelist Suresh Shankar, as he talks to leading experts in various fields to understand how they are using or being used by algorithms in their personal and professional lives. Each episode highlights how businesses can leverage the power of data in their strategy to stay relevant in this new age of AI. Slaves to the Algo is brought to you by Crayon Data, a Singappre-based AI and big-data startup.

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