Customer engagement in the age of digital: Challenges and trends [Survey 2018]

Published November 1, 2018   |   

The banking and payments landscape is fast evolving. With the emergence of digital banking and fintech, the sector is facing a massive shift in the way people bank.

Changes in consumer behavior, disruptive technology, competition from non-banks, compliance pressure, legacy systems and processes have all contributed to this shift.  There are plenty of surveys out there that focus on what customers expect from their banks. However, the number of surveys that focus on Financial Institutions, their systems and the hurdles they face, are few and far between. This survey hopes to fill this gap.

Big Data Made Simple, is a leading tech portal, in the big data, BI, AI & ML and Data Science space. This initiative is part of our annual Big Data Tech & Analytics Survey, 2018. Through the survey, we aim to identify the factors that drive and impact customer engagement in the payments and cards business. We’ve designed the questions around the challenges that plague the industry. Your participation will help us map the challenges to the best solutions. The results of the survey will be published in a few weeks, we look forward to your submission!