How to manage your inbox and stop spam emails

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Published June 12, 2020   |   

In recent events, spam and phishing emails have exploded. A reported 18 million emails were blocked on Gmail servers in the past few months. Now more than ever is the perfect time to manage your inbox and create a defense line to stop these unwanted emails.

While some promotional emails prove to be useful, for the majority of people these emails create clutter and make finding useful email communication more difficult. Practice unsubscribing to this type of mail as soon as it comes through to your inbox. Alternatively, create a “promotional email” account to use when signing up for things like discounts, newsletters, or new arrival emails.

Although solicited promotional emails can overwhelm an inbox, the real problem lies with the unsolicited ones. In the worst case, these emails can steal PII. In another instance, these emails can install dangerous malware onto your system—detected only with antivirus software.

To manage spam in your inbox, create and personalize email filters and reporting the spam that does make its way to your inbox. Some of these filters are built-in to your email host. Other third-party software can add an additional layer of protection.

Use the five advanced email tactics below to stop spam and manage your email once and for all.

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