3 inexpensive branding strategies for small businesses to help them grow

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Published April 27, 2020   |   

Two things click in our mind when someone says the word Apple. The first is the iPhone, and the second is the fruit. Why are they in that order? Why Apple, the brand, has trademarked the word. Why apple the fruit has taken the second position?

Among all other things, Apple’s branding strategy. Whenever there is a half-eaten apple, the image of an iPhone or Macbook pops in our mind. It gives us an idea about how strong their branding game is.

Steve Jobs worked along with his code-geek buddy Steve Wozniak in his parents’ garage building personal computers. This hustle would later turn into a massive success within a few years.

Since the 70s, the brand strategy of Apple focuses on emotions. It is about lifestyle, personality, passion, liberty, dreams, and aspirations.  Jobs has worked very hard on his brand.  The bottom line is that a solid branding strategy can take you to places.

Importance of Branding

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Branding is a marketing practice that enables a company to create a distinct identity for itself in the field. It makes an impression on the customers. People anticipate specific quality standards from that organization.

Branding is essential because:

  • It helps to establish the credibility of the brand
  • It improves recognition
  • It supports your marketing efforts
  • It motivates employees/investors
  • It generates new revenue

Companies all over the globe realize the importance of increasing brand awareness. Around 77 percent of the market leaders say that a strong brand is critical to their growth plans.

Inexpensive Branding Strategies

Branding isn’t only for big businesses with large budgets. Even if you do not have a considerable budget, you can still do your business branding.

The only thing for you to do is devise an efficient branding plan.  All it takes is grit and creativity. To get you going on a low-budget branding plan, we have rounded up three inexpensive branding strategies for growth.

Define your brand identity

Branding is not only related to the logo and name of a company. Instead, it is about your values and your mission. It includes the way you treat your customers, your look, and your feel.

A study by Wunderman reveals that 89 percent of American consumers say they are loyal to the brands that share their values. Here are some questions you should address to get yourself started:

  • What makes you different? – Draw attention and build trust by establishing your uniqueness
  • Who are your consumers? – Figure out the demographics of people most likely to use your product/service
  • What is your mission? – Formulate a concise statement summing up what you do and why you do that

The more clarity you have on who you are, the easier it becomes to infuse distinct traits in your operations.

Make your brand memorable

One of the biggest challenges small entities face is “standing out from the competition.” If you are a lesser-known brand, providing a similar service like Amazon or Uber, why would a person choose you? You are new in the niche. Seeing your name there in the list may make them dubious about your worthiness.

Nonetheless, you can change their perception. As the adage goes, the first impression is the last. You need to knock out your prospects with the first impression you create. Pay attention to the following details:

  • Brand name – Your brand name should be different and simple. Make sure it is not dull, abusive, or contains acronyms. Companies like Squadhelp and Naming Force with allow you to come up with a perfect business name.
  • Brand look – A logo tells the story of your brand. You will have it all over on your products, website, social media pages, apps, etc. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive investment. There are several affordable logo design companies you can find online.
  • Brand voice – Every brand has a certain aura. It is not rocket science how to establish a voice for your brand. Consider Dollar Shave Club, for instance. They used irreverent humor in their videos that went dramatically viral.

The main reason for focusing on brand creation is to have an identity. Thus, you must stay consistent when branding your business. The look, feel, and design on a website should be the same as that in the stores. And the same goes for all other channels.

Do you know how you can improve the user experience on your website? Through data and analysis. Several online sources can help you in creating a data-driven UX on your website.

Get the word out

It may not be your strong forte, but you cannot thrive in the hyper-competitive market without marketing.  You may feel inadequate or initially. However, with guidance and professional support, you will know what to do.

The best way to get yourself out in the frontlines is by:

  • Establishing your authority – You can use content marketing or influencer marketing to demonstrate your credibility.
  • Leverage social media – You should try to reach your target customers by utilizing the social media channels where your audience is likely available.
  • Giveaways – People love freebies. You can create competitions where participants receive gifts with the logo of your company. Giving gifts to loyal customers and first-time buyers will also fall into this category.

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You should have a trusted relationship with your customers. One way to enhance this relationship is via feedback. Ask your customers for their views on your product strategies. It gets a positive buzz out there about your dedication towards the customers.

Parting thoughts

You don’t need to burn holes in your wallet to devise a branding strategy. By continually innovating and staying in touch with the market trends, you will continue to develop your brand.

The first few years may have plenty of setbacks, but don’t stop what you’re doing as long as you’re doing it right. Inscribe these lyrics form the song Stand up for the Champion on the wall of your office:

‘And when I fall down
I have to pick myself back up.’

So, get yourself on track. You, too, might end up with a million-dollar empire someday!