How social media has affected the technology industry

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Published October 3, 2020   |   

In the last twenty years, humanity made a big leap in the sphere of technologies. And one of the prominent levers that are pushing the industry now is the rising popularity of social media platforms. Promotion through blogs has also affected technological progress much, as new algorithms are required for producing, gathering, and calculating the data. Also, the technical progress comes as well to social media apps and sites like where one can buy Shazam Plays, Instagram likes, or Twitter followers. Nowadays you can boost your account, not with mindless bots, and get a real high-quality result.

As social media evolves and changes fast, so do the technologies that are correlating with it. In this article, you will find out what is the effect that the development of social platforms causes on the industry of tech.

The Rise Of Mobile Devices

For many reasons, modern smartphones have to thank social networks for their success. For example, Instagram was created for mobiles primarily. This priority remains today. Even though you can look through your newsfeed on the web version of the app, the complete specter of its features is available only on your smartphone.

So as people tend to spend less time sitting with their laptops at home, but with their phones on the go, the majority of platforms have developed their mobile apps. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit – all these are grossing the huge amount of traffic from their mobile versions. Thus, to fulfill the requirements for the quality of the content, the whole industry was pushed to produce devices that would be powerful enough.

Basically, that is one of the reasons for companies to put in their products more powerful and complicated details, like processors, displays, batteries, cameras, dynamics, and microphones. And all that was supposed to be compact and very highly productive. So by now, we have a phone which can totally replace:

  • Photo and video camera,
  • Laptop,
  • File storage,
  • Navigating system, etc.

Collecting Information Or The Phenomenon Of Social Listening

And now let’s move to the benefits that the social networks are giving to tech businesses and productions. It is no secret that by this time practically every company, corporation, or production has a bunch of profiles on social media. You may think that they need it solely for promotion purposes, and you will be wrong. Besides selling the products, companies have a unique opportunity to become closer to consumers and know for sure what these consumers want to have.

Also, on their social pages, the companies can collect more feedback, that will help to improve features and eliminate flaws of the product. This is called social listening. It means that the company monitors how people react to the product, what do they consider useful and interesting and what would rather not be included in the final version. For better results of social listening, the programs are written and people are hired. Marketing teams are exploring the latest trends and news on social platforms to find the best ones to include in strategy of promotion.

Public Image

Another big affection of social media in the techno industry was the change of the image. Again, the majority of corporations and offices have profiles online, and they serve as a medium that connects them with potential customers and fans. The profile on any platform like Instagram or Facebook helps big companies to humanize their image and attract more people to their products. Many of them are setting promotion trends as well. There are some good examples of right and thorough marketing strategy, that lead to the improvement of their position in business.

Industrial Spying

Sounds like a cool movie. And many years ago, knowing the competition was a much harder task for technical brands, as it required more effort and resources, and even introducing spies inside the competing company. Sometimes such actions were even breaking the law.

Nowadays, there is no need to put the complicated schemes into action. It is enough to keep an eye over the social pages of the concurrent brand. Of course, they won’t spill much about some super fresh technology that is being developed in the research center.

But it is completely possible to gather some useful facts like:

  • The success of product – what is popular among the consumers and why
  • Promotion trends and ideas
  • Experimental technologies and the reaction of the public
  • Customer support and how it operates
  • What influencers are involved in promotion and is it productive

Basing on these facts, the company can quickly adjust their tactic and make it more effective for further sales and public relations.

Product Placement And Influencer Marketing

Another positive experience for techno companies is the possibility to make product placement more subtle and thus fruitful. The ultimate instrument for that kind of promotion is using different types of influencers for pushing the devices directly to potential customers. Let’s look at how it works in a small example.

Imagine a massage device production, that has to promote and get some reaction from their latest massager model. So what do they have to do to fulfill these goals? Well, they can make up a contract with an influencer who is relevant to the device’s purpose. First of all, they need to define who is the perfect face for the promo. Obviously, it has to be a person who is involved in the beauty industry, and who has already gained an audience that will follow his or her recommendations and tips on skincare.

After the candidates are settled, it is time to create a campaign, where these bloggers will become ambassadors for your product. They will involve using your device for their routine that is shown to the followers in Stories, making up posts with descriptions of your massagers and how useful they are. For that, you will have to give some pieces to the bloggers for permanent usage, but such an investment will be paid off quite fast if the influencers were chosen right and the product you make is actually working how it should.

A Few Words In Final

The impact of social media on technologies is incredible. It gives a big push to the industry, makes it evolve and change quickly, to embrace all the requirements that are appearing online. As the progress moves on, both devices and social media platforms make a more perfect synergy with each other, thus improving the user’s experience. As for a user, you should be always in touch with the new trends of the technology industry so you won’t miss fresh novelties and gadgets!