7 smart tips for businesses to leverage podcasts as a marketing tool

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Published August 4, 2020   |   

If you have a social media account, then there is a high chance that you come across at least one podcast every day. Recently, they have become the most favorite way of influencers and marketers to communicate with their followers.

The popularity of podcasts can be gauged from the fact that nearly 51% of the US population listened to podcasts in 2019. They have become so popular that they are being used as a marketing tactic.

In the past ten years, many professional podcasters have emerged, including Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, and many others. These professionals make most of their earnings by podcasting, and have millions of listeners.

They promote their podcasts through iTunes, Google Play, and other podcasting aggregators. They also charge for advertisements, placements, and sponsorships for their content. This is what makes podcasting one of the best ways to promote businesses in 2020.

Why consider podcasting for business?

Long form content, such as blogs and articles are just dull, and that’s where podcasts become money. Just pick up your mobile phone, plug in the earphones, and you can listen to them on-the-go.

No one reads articles every day. People don’t have time, and their attention span has reduced. There are also many distractions. But most importantly, the web has moved passed writing.

Today, video and audio are in the lead. More people are watching videos on Netflix and YouTube. Similarly, more people are listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Podcasts are short 10 to 30-minute-long talks by people on a specific topic. They keep the audience engaged. If you consistently discuss interesting and relevant topics, you can have a loyal listener base.

When you have a loyal audience, you can turn them into returning customers by promoting your products. This is why podcast marketing is a great way for businesses to expand their reach and get more customers.

Statistics reveal that 80% of podcast listeners listen to all episodes of the podcast. They regularly tune in to listen to new episodes of the podcasts. Thus podcasts are an effective way to:

  1. Attract audience: They are a great tool for people to attract new listeners that can turn into customers by the smart promotion of products.
  2. Build loyalty: Podcasts help build trust. Trust breeds loyalty among listeners. When they believe that the podcaster is offering value to them, they are more likely to buy the products that they promote.
  3. Grow business: Podcasts result in the organic growth of any brand. They are endorsements that the products promoted are of value. When people have a trust formed with the brand, they are likely to become referrals and turn in new customers to grow the brand.

For example, Ken Greene, the owner of a financial podcast, says that a successful podcast can help attract clients and customers. He gets most of his customers through his Engineer for Finance podcast.

Get started with Business Podcasting

Now that you are aware of how podcasts can help a business. It is time to learn how to get started creating your podcast.

1.   Plan a Topic Series for Your Business

If you are planning to start a podcast series, you will need to create a list of topics to discuss in the podcast. Also, create a list of episodes and decide their length at the start. Record all the episodes at once so that you have the whole series ready before you launch it.

2.   Consider it as an Alternative to Video

While recording a podcast, imagine you are creating a complete video. Your podcast should be exactly similar. Don’t make it bland and boring. Instead, focus on how RJs present the information. Your podcast should provide information in the same way.

3.   Focus on Building Relations

Don’t just create podcasts and release them. Instead, focus on creating a relationship with your listeners. It means to organize giveaways, sweepstakes, and offer freebies to your fans. These are the most effective ways of increasing engagement on your podcasts.

4.   Create Native Advertisements

Your placements should not sound like ads. Instead, make them part of the discussions you are having in your podcasts. It will make people feel that the products you are promoting will solve their problems.

5.   Promote Your Podcast

Like other forms of content, podcasts should also be promoted and shared. Let’s learn some of the best ways to promote your podcasts to get more exposure.

1. Create a promotion strategy: before launching the podcast, create snippets of quotes that people can share. Ask questions in picture formats and post them on your social media accounts.

2. Start Omni-channel marketing: Your marketing efforts should always focus on all social channels. It would mean creating rich content for social media, videos, and images for forums, websites, and blogs, etc.

3. Release 3 Episodes At Once: When you launch the podcast for the first time, make sure to release at least three episodes. It will ensure maximum listener engagement on your podcasts.

4. Convert Podcast to Videos: You can create simple and short videos with your podcasts. Simply add still images, and you will have complete videos made through your podcasts. Now promote these videos as well.

  • 5. Submit Podcast On Aggregators: There are many podcast aggregators available online to submit your podcast. You can easily find some of the best aggregators in the list below:
  • Overcast
  • Stitcher
  • Podcast Addict
  • Podcast subreddit
  • PodcastLand
  • TuneIn
  • Bello Collective
  • Castro
  • Podcast Republic
  • Downcast

6.   Transcribe the audio

Creating transcription of the whole podcast will help you get more exposure. Moreover, transcriptions will also help people directly get to your business website.

7.   Invite Guests In Podcasts

The best part about creating podcasts is that you can collaborate with other people. It means you will get to invite people who are from the same industry. These guests will add value to your podcasts.

Consider it an endorsement from peers and your competitors in the market – giving you an edge over the competition.


Podcasts are a way to learn about new topics and establish a communication channel with the masses. They are something people can relate to. They are short, personalized, and have a storytelling factor which makes them effective.

If your business gets more traffic through word of mouth and referrals, then creating podcasts will be a great idea. Once your podcast becomes popular, it will be one of the sharpest weapons in your marketing arsenal.