Crayon Data saw 3X growth last year, expects similar growth in future

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Published October 15, 2018   |   

Six-year-old artificial intelligence based data personalization firm Crayon Data said it had grown 3x last year and expected this hyper growth to continue over the next few years.
“The growth has been in both revenue and the number of clients, and we expect to double the number of clients and revenue in the next year,” said founder Suresh Shankar.
While declining to share current numbers, he said that the aim was to work with 500 million customers by 2020.
Headquartered in Singapore, Crayon Data has development center in Chennai where it has 100 employees. Shankar said that they would be looking at adding 30-40% more people here as volumes increase.
Crayon Data has created Maya, supposed to be the first ‘choice engine’ that tracks and delivers digital personal experiences around taste. It is a b2b2c model, where Crayon Data helps businesses understand their customers better and help provide more relevant options to them.
Maya takes consumer data from enterprises and creates a set of personal tastes and preferences for a person without actually identifying him. It tracks underlying attributes hidden in unstructured data like reviews, comments etc., to create a personal preference graph based on behaviour, not identity.
This in turn helps predict other things that this person is likely to have an affinity, or taste for, thus allowing enterprises to customize their offerings accordingly. The company is currently working with airline and banking clients and said that hotels and telcos are other big industries for growth.
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