Crayon Data takes its AI-led personalization to Latin America through a partnership with Stefanini

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Team Crayon Data

Singapore/Chennai May 2020Crayon Data, a leading artificial intelligence and big data company based in Singapore announced an unprecedented partnership with Stefanini, a pioneer in digital solutions in Latin America. The Brazilian multinational has acquired the rights to take the platform to enterprises in Brazil and Latin America. is an end-to-end platform that allows enterprises to onboard merchants, select and launch the most relevant offer campaigns to their customers, across digital channels. hyper-personalized offers without the need for PII and works with enterprises in the banking and travel & hospitality spaces. powers the age of relevance. It does this by curating and delivering exceptional lifestyle experiences to enterprise customers, based on their tastes. This results in high impact use cases for portfolio teams, analytics, alliances and campaigns teams. It also increases customer engagement on all communication channels, leading to a higher share-of-wallet.
“Its functional design allows for unique usability, which simplifies the understanding and extraction of data, without the need for any instruction manual.’s helps companies improve their performance and democratizes the world of big data and artificial intelligence. It is a lively and extremely intuitive platform”, said Felipe Tadeu de Souza Lima, Head of Business Analytics at Stefanini, Brasil. is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, which makes it compliant with General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in Brazil, expected to come into effect next year.

“We are thrilled with our partnership with the Stefanini Group. There are several synergies between our AI-led personalization platform,, and Stefanini’s AI enabled products and digital systems. can further boost business potential in various streams of the banking ecosystem, leading to unmatched customer experience. We look forward to ushering in the age of relevance in Latin America.”, said Vijay Anand, Chief of Sales, EU & Americas, Crayon Data.

This partnership came to fruition when Enterprise Singapore, São Paulo, introduced Crayon Data to Stefanini. Crayon plans to grow its client base, revenues and customers on-boarded to the platform, five fold, by 2022. This partnership with one of Latin America’s IT giants, will enable Crayon to expand its geographical footprint in that region.
Enterprise Singapore, and its investment arm SEEDS Capital have provided key investment funding and facilitation to Crayon over the years. “Enterprise Singapore assessed Crayon Data’s AI and big data expertise would complement the array of blockchain, cybersecurity and AI business solutions that is synonymous with Stefanini, and facilitated an introduction,” said Ms. Kathy Lai, Deputy CEO of Enterprise Singapore.
“The partnership comes at a challenging but opportune time to drive the region’s digitalization efforts as more enterprises look to technology to address business continuity plans.”, she added.
With the Stefanini Group strengthens its range of digital solutions in the digital transformation arena, across verticals, to deliver consistent results.

About Crayon Data

Crayon Data is a Singapore based big data and AI start-up. Identified by Gartner as one of the top 40 digital personalization providers. Crayon enables top tier clients across industries like banking, e-commerce and travel & hospitality to have personalized conversations with each of their customers, across various communication channels. Crayon has been recognized as one of the most innovative big data and AI startups by global platforms such as Gartner, TIEcon, CEBIT, IBM Watson and OrangeFab.


Crayon’s is the world’s first AI-led platform powering the age of relevance. It equips traditional enterprises with the capability to create highly personalized experiences. At scale. With speed. The platform includes richly curated and vast external datasets, backed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, delivered through a series of easy-to-use APIs.  This helps cater to the needs of the portfolio, campaigns, analytics and alliances teams of enterprises.
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About Stefanini

Stefanini ( is a Brazilian multinational with 32 years of experience in the market, which invests in a complete innovation ecosystem to serve the main verticals and assist customers in the digital transformation process. With robust offers and aligned to market trends such as automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and User Experience (UX), the company has been recognized with several awards in the area of innovation.
Currently, the Brazilian multinational has a broad portfolio, which combines innovative consulting and marketing solutions, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence with traditional solutions such as Service Desk, Field Service and outsourcing (BPO).
Present in 41 countries, Stefanini was named, for the fourth consecutive year, as the fifth most internationalized transnational company, according to the 2018 Dom Cabral Foundation ranking.

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