5 ways to integrate data analytics into your marketing strategy

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Published May 16, 2019   |   

Launching a start-up can be as competitive as struggling to find a corporate job that actually satisfies you. Promoting and marketing your start-up is challenging – you thought passion and enthusiasm were enough to drive it alone, but even with these two attributes, you know just exactly what’s been lacking.

If you can launch a start-up after months and years of contemplating, then you can surely devise a marketing strategy to help you elevate your brand. Your marketing strategy is the fuel your brand needs. Your target audience is out there – unhinged, exposed, and waiting to be served. It requires awareness and significant marketing campaigns in order to know more about your brand.

Today, every brand relies on the collection of big data to help them know more about the target audience. Thankfully, we live in the era of digital marketing where analyzing big data isn’t hard or expensive at all.

In order to fuel your marketing campaigns, we have put together 5 ways to integrate big data analytics into your marketing strategies.

1. Notice audience behavior and response

First things first – before you go on towards the analysis of big data for the development of other core marketing strategies, you need to realize the importance of having deep insights regarding your audience behaviour. Significant knowledge about your audience can help you establish the foundation of any marketing strategy.

Knowing about the way your users interact with your products or your e-commerce website as a whole can help you develop an insight into your business’s performance.

Mixpanel – insights into audience interaction

Mixpanel, a data analytic gold mine, consists of a suite of tools that can help you analyze your audience interaction and engagement on your website and apps. It has new age no-code technology that can be operated by anyone other than techies and junkies for a better understanding of their business. Mixpanel’s suite of data analytic tools is ideal for start-ups and enterprises alike.


Mixpanel caters to ‘data points’ for the analysis of audience behaviour on any given website or mobile app. A data point is generated whenever a user action is reported on your website, even if it is in the form of a mere click-through towards your website.

For instance, Mixpanel’s subscription is completely free for the analysis of the buildup of the 5M data points per month on your website – this means that startups have nothing to fear and can opt for this data analytical tool without having to worry about investing a fortune.



2. Track lead generation and revenue

The next step in any digital marketing strategy is to assess and analyze where your core revenue is coming from. Is it from your social media channels or via search engines? Even with the exhaustive use of search engines, you need to assess whether your keyword research is optimum for driving your target audience towards your website for your desired traffic.

You need to integrate big data analytic tools into your marketing strategy that can help you analyze your lead sources, therefore, allowing you to tweak your campaigns towards the maximum generation of your leads.

Google Analytics – track lead sources for maximum revenue

Google Analytics is perhaps the most compelling yet free set of tools known to any digital marketer and venture. The development of a digital marketing strategy cannot be complete with integrating Google Analytics into your marketing channels for insights regarding revenue and generation of leads.

It allows you to track the data you require by allowing you to establish Goal IDs for the segmentation of your business goals up ahead. Once you’ve your goals in place, you can utilize this data to analyze where your leads are coming from, therefore, allowing you to assess your investments and buildup of revenue in return.



For instance, let’s suppose that Facebook is helping to bring you at least 2,000 leads while those generated via Twitter aren’t even a fraction of this amount. This will help you to segment your investments as well, allowing you to reap value with your subsequent funding.

Google Analytics will also help you to analyze the different approaches used for the generation of traffic. For instance, if the leads generated via organic traffic are comparatively lesser than those from your direct your referral approaches, then this means you’d have to up your SEO strategies for your audience to find you easily through search engines.

3. Social media tracking and monitoring

Approximately 42% of the world’s population actively use social media on the Internet. Facebook generates about 2 billion active users per annum in the world, moving its status as the most widely used and actively search social media platform in the world.

Hootsuite – social media performance grading

Hootsuite is one of the most versatile suites of social media data analytic tools on the Internet. It allows you to give a hoot about the performance and response generated via your marketing strategies on social media channels.

You can track the interaction and response of your audience along with significant monitoring the performance of the content you post on social media channels. Hootsuite can be integrated with other data analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights for optimum monitoring and integral tracking of user data.




Hootsuite has different pricing options, starting from free plans for users with 1 – 3 social media profiles. Its pricing plans vary significantly for professionals, teams, small businesses and enterprises with a 30-day free trial for core assessment of the value of its data analytics.

4. Focus on e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing might be one of the oldest digital marketing tactics in the book (or preferably the Internet), but it is also the one that still has the ability to generate a higher revenue than any other strategy combined. This depends on how you’re using e-mail marketing tactics to your benefit.

For instance, when used proactively, every $1 spent on e-mail marketing has the ability to generate $44 of revenue for high ROI of the brand. Most startups depend on personalized e-mail marketing techniques for maximum customer acquisition and retention.

Marketo – e-mail marketing

Marketo, a multi-billion dollar infrastructure, comprises of data analytic tools that can help you up your e-mail marketing software and techniques according to your targeted users.

In other words, Marketo has the ability to help you analyze the right and most approachable leads, hereby, allowing you to develop optimum content for targeted and personalized e-mails. It can also be integrated with social media channels and Google’s cloud platform for optimum digital advertising.



For instance, in order to acquire more customers, you can try personalizing your e-mails by offering your most loyal leads with free e-books as top-off-the-shelf and exclusive information. You can take help from any e-book creator if you want to integrate graphics and visuals in between the information-laden text of your optimally designed e-books.


Marketo has packages and bundles streamlined for its various marketing services. From consumer marketing and e-mail marketing to customer based marketing and lead management. Whether you’re starting anew or are on your way of building an enterprise, Marketo’s e-mail marketing bundles will help to build a strong and long-term consumer relationship.

5. Provide competitor analysis

Before you display your ammunition to the world, it is better to get an insight on how your competition is doing. This will help you lay out a comprehensive plan that includes prevailing and over-the-edge marketing strategies for the required oomph amidst competition.

For this purpose, you need to analyze your competitors in order to understand their dynamics and just exactly how well they’re performing before their (and your) target audience.

Ahrefs – competitor research and analysis

Ahrefs comprises of a few technical features that can help you analyze the revenue and leads generated by your competitors. You can also analyze the sources and number of backlinks, content development strategy and social media campaigns of your rivals as well.

With the help of rank tracker, you can monitor and therefore, grade the performance of your website in contrast to your competitors on the internet in accordance with your target audience. Its site explorer will help you create a core SEO strategy for attaining maximum organic and direct traffic.




Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7 that can help you venture through its state-of-the-art tools and features before you delve into the big numbers.

The bottom line

For anyone starting out with their business, it is critical to say that resources are tight, thus, minimizing the window of investing gravely in likable opportunities. Despite the lack of resources, you need to know whether there is any significant expenditure that you can invest in for the value of money, time and efforts.