Big Data’s Fading Bloom

Published March 10, 2014   |   
Brad Peters

Nobody would deny that Big Data was one of the most talked about areas in tech last year. And while Big Data was once viewed as the golden child of tech, its bloom is fading in terms of the value that it is able to deliver all on its own. There was a time not that long ago when the focus was on finding, capturing and storing data. But today, the shift in everyone’s focus is how to unlock the value from each and every piece of data we can uncover.

We have learned a lot in recent years. For instance, when we combined our data with the new generation of analytical tools, we entered into an entirely new era of Business Intelligence where the capability to not just sample data across a particular activity – be it sales in a retail chain or the migration of animals across the Serengeti — but to actually, for the first time, capture and understand all of it, was possible. A giant shift toward realizing the value of data was ahead of us and we were just beginning to unlock its possibilities.

Now that we are over the initial excitement of being able to capture and manipulate mountains of data, the challenge becomes identifying the truly valuable information in those data mountains. And just as important, presenting that valuable data in ways that the different stakeholders in an organization can actually use it to maximize their productivity.

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