Data control centres and NOC, keys in the business development of modern global firms

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Published September 8, 2020   |   

Today’s world is marked by globalization and the expansion of communication and business through the Internet. The network of networks has managed to position itself as the ideal place in which to carry out actions of all kinds, which are translated into an increasing management of data and information of the most diverse nature. In this respect, it is able to offer comprehensive data management services to companies across the board.

This is precisely what leads to an exponential increase in the need for multiple companies to have data centres, Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC). In them, the storage and treatment of all this amount of sensitive information is carried out. They serve the most diverse purposes that one can imagine: from providing secure connections to web pages around the world to sending highly relevant files from one point to another on the planet.

Data Control Centres as a Business Hub

The company,, is one of the leading specialists in this sector. It has extensive experience in creating data centres for companies of all kinds and is in charge of creating these spaces, destined to be one of the most relevant axes of a service, company or company that needs to take an important step towards digitization and cutting-edge information processing experience.

Creating a data centre is not an easy task, and you need to consider a large number of factors, some of which may negatively affect your enterprise. Therefore, turning to professionals is one of the most important recommendations to take into account. This enables your business to avoid problems and ensure optimal operation. In turn, you get less downtime and meet your goals in a timely manner.

High-tech Solutions

In companies like the aforementioned, they are committed to solutions such as In Row air conditioning units to increase the performance capacity of the systems. Everyone knows that heat is one of the great enemies of computer equipment. This is something that is evident in those spaces, where the constant processing of information leads to high-energy consumption with processors producing lots of heat.

Modern, configurable solutions that adapt to the highest demands are essential in today’s data centres, Network Operations Centre and Security Operations Centre.

In this sense, in addition to the aforementioned refrigeration system, there is an increasing commitment to another one baptized as E-cooling, which allows individuals and businesses to take advantage of, in an intelligent way, the location and location of a data centre to cool it. By using outside air to lower the temperature, the company will not only be more environmentally conscious, but will also be able to save on the energy costs by doing this.

Network Operations Centre and Security Operations Centre – Just as Important

The control centres are included in a category in which many other subdivisions can be found, depending on the firm or the area in which the activity is carried out. Along with them, we can speak, for example, of the aforementioned Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC); places specialized in specific tasks in data management.

The first of them, the NOC, for example, is destined to the management of networks from a physical point in which. Just like the aforementioned spaces, itis created specifically to carry out this task. Besides, it is essential that it is adapted to the particular needs of each company or service with a proposal that ranges from the space in which it will be located to the monitors, servers and other tools that are required to ensure that it is up and running.

In the case of the Security Operations Centre (SOC), these are spaces where the security section and the control of the correct operation at a technical level of an entity are the protagonists. As in the previous cases, this becomes possible when all equipment and places are designed to the right measure.

First-class Infrastructure

In any of the cases, it is more than advisable to seek the help of the experts such as those who work at for the creation of spaces in which data processing is assumed as the operational axis. They have comprehensive vision of the space and ways to use the resources so that they offer their best performance with the available possibilities. This is something that is only available to qualified professionals and can only be tapped by consulting with them.

It does not matter if you need a large data centre with all the luxuries of performance or you just need a more modest one (known as Micro Data Centres).In addition, it still does not matter if you are looking for one that offers great advantages in efficiency and opportunities for scaling them, if necessary, there will always be a perfect option to adapt to the particular needs of the company.