Top 10 heatmap analytics tools for marketers

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Published January 28, 2015   |   

Heatmaps are the best means to visualize complex data sets. Used to easily understand and analyze large amounts of multi-dimensional data, they are the simple graphical representation of data in which values are represented by colours. In this article, we present top 10 heatmap analytics tools, used to visualize how your visitors are behaving on your website.


Mouseflow is a live analytics tool that lets you record website visitors and see website heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and even pay attention. It captures all mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and form fills.

Lucky Orange

It is a real time analytics tool, which shows how many people are on your site right now and quickly compare historical statistics and see what keywords, locations, referrers, tweets, languages, etc. are driving traffic and behaviours on your site. It aggregates thousands of visitors browsing data into gorgeous heat maps which show you how people click, move, and scroll all the pages of your site.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an analytics package that helps webmasters analyze their visitors’ engagement through heatmaps. This tool lets you see what’s hot and what’s not, by analysing where people click on your site. The scrollmap shows how far down the page people are scrolling and helps determine where visitors abandon the page.


By aggregating the mouse movements of thousands of visitors on a webpage, ClickTale creates a comprehensive, visual representation of what visitors are looking at and focusing on within the page. ClickTale’s Heatmap Suite includes Mouse Move, Click, Attention and Scroll-Reach heat maps. provides real-time analytics and mouse tracking that helps webmasters understand in seconds which are their best performing contents. is used to optimize the traffic flow on websites and significantly reduce exit rates.


ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. It is an OpenSource software, released under GPL licence, and free of charge.


Chartbeat offers a real-time heat map of your website’s visitor activity. It shows how many visitors are currently browsing your website, origin of the visitors, page-loading time and what page has the most visitors.


Clicky lets you see every visitor and every action they take on your web site, with the option to attach custom data to visitors, such as usernames or email addresses. It analyses each visitor individually and see their full history.


Inspectlet analyzes the behaviour of your visitors instantly with Eye Tracking Heatmaps, Screen Capture (record and playback actual visitor sessions), and User-Interaction Analytics, allowing you to see everything they do. You can see every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress on your site.


SessionCam records, analyses and replays every move of your visitors on your website. It monitors the usability issues that cause abandonment and reduce conversion.