Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Employee Profiling

Published March 16, 2020   |   

The global market for artificial intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed. Experts predict that by 2025, it will reach nearly $120 billion per year. You can now find AI everywhere. It’s in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and more. AI doesn’t only help make these and other fields run more efficiently and solve new challenges. Companies now also use it to help make hiring decisions.

Using personality AI, it’s possible to get a complete understanding of a potential employee’s disposition. It helps HR specialists to decide whether a person would be a good fit for the organization or not.

What is Personality AI?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term. It refers to technologies that feature processes like machine-learning, cognition, and other more nuanced aspects far beyond the capacity of traditional binary computer systems.

The modern workplace consists of a variety of personality types. They have different approaches to work, productivity, engagement, and communication. So HR must figure out how these individuals all fit together. Combined with remote workers, large workforces, new employees, and changing roles, it can be a severe challenge. Consequently, many organizations fail to reach efficiency and achieve desired outcomes. It creates more issues in the workplace.

Enter AI. New personality AI generates more in-depth insights on individuals. It also suggests appropriate forms of communication to use with them. Using samples from publicly available information such as a LinkedIn Profile or resume, the AI can build a profile to help HR better understand how to interact with a potential or current employee.

Empowering Better Communication with AI

AI is a vital tool in promoting these essential areas of human relations:

1.    Empathy

HR can be responsible for hundreds or even thousands of individuals. Building empathy on such a scale, particularly with new hires, is difficult. Personality AI digs beneath the service to show what’s motivating employees’ behavior.

These insights include why people may speak, think, or behave the way they do. It can help HR to better connect and respond to issues as well as promote personal growth in employees.

2.    Relationship-building

Healthy relationships are the linchpin of productivity and high morale. Saying the right things at the right time can work wonders. Personality AI does more than profile but also provides recommendations and insights to help foster long-term organizational loyalty.

3.    Teamwork

Everybody brings a unique personality and skill set to the environment. Personality AI gives HR the necessary data to create harmonious and balanced teams.

Practical Uses of Personality AI

Personality AI scales beyond the theoretical to have direct everyday uses. It aligns communication to boost individual effectiveness, morale, and impact through a combination of the best strategies and tools.

Personality AI can benefit in these situations:

1.    Assess a Prospective Employee Before Engagement

There’s a misconception that the workforce comprises active candidates. On the contrary, more than 70% of candidates are passive. Recruiters need to embrace targeted communications approaches to convert these targets from prospects into employees.

Personality AI extract publicly available information to give you more data about a candidate’s personality and the best tactics to use with them.

2.    Boost Managerial Leadership Skills

All managers have different skill levels when it comes to employee communication. Ineffective communication can lead to issues in morale or reduce productivity. It affects the work environment in a negative way.

Meanwhile, it’s possible to integrate personality AI into communication software, including Slack. It empowers managers with the right communication approaches. By individual analyzing employees, managers will know how to encourage most appropriately.

3.    Assist Dynamic Decision-Making

Modern work environments are dynamic. Team leaders and managers often have to make immediate decisions. Often, they don’t have the time to analyze employee profiles and portfolios. Personality AI provides insights on employees anywhere and anytime. It helps to improve decision-making.

Where Caution is Necessary for AI Profiling

Personality AI profiling is another tool HR managers can use. It can never replace face to face interviews and conversations. Plus, creating these large employee files with such personal data does present a severe cyber-risk.

The same metrics that assess employee behavior for profiles can also be used by advertisers, governments, hackers, and even competitors. It’s not unimaginable that a rival company would use the same data to lure talented employees to the team.

That’s why organizations that take advantage of these tools must follow comprehensive data-security policies. It begins with using the best-available VPNs (virtual private networks) to safeguard organizational network connections. Check out leading examples like NordVPN. It uses advanced technologies like AES-256 encryption to create the highest levels of network security.

Furthermore, restrict access to the records of (prospective) employees. They should only be available to HR or direct managers. To ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands, encrypt each file using a file encryption service.

Finally, encourage data security throughout the organization. All employees need to be well-versed in digital hygiene practices, including:

  • Using a password manager to secure online accounts
  • Enabling multi-factor authentication including two-step verification, biometric security, authenticators, and other tools
  • Updating operating systems, apps, and devices
  • Using the latest antivirus and antimalware software
  • Scanning all files and links before downloading/opening
  • Being aware of the newest phishing and other social engineering attacks
  • Preventing unauthorized access to organizational networks and facilities
  • Reporting suspicious activities to managers and IT admins

AI in Human Resources

Wide-scale adoption of AI in employee profiling is only a matter of time. Large corporations, including Unilever, Five Guys, and Humana, are already using it. Over the next few years, it will expand into other areas to help create better working environments.

Hiring managers need to find the appropriate AI tools for their companies while ensuring they safeguard employee data. Take the time now to find the most secure approach to AI to prevent data breaches and the potential hazards that come with them.