From the Drawing Board: Shanmugam Sathappan, Test Engineer

Published April 1, 2021   |   

From the drawing board shanmugam

As a QA engineer in Crayon (where quality matters), I validate and investigate product development from end-to-end, with stringent processes in place. The customer delight which it brings  keeps me going. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced here was when we automated the key part of testing – data validation. With the help of frameworks like Spark (Scala) and through sharing knowledge between us Crayons, we were able to get it done.  

We also use automation tools like Selenium with Cucumber (UI), Cucumber (API), Jmeter, Appium (Mobile) shell scripting and a few more tools. We have made user friendly automation frameworks with Jenkins. Apart from that, we do work with multiple DBs such as mongoDB, DynamoDB, Elastic Search and big data systems which includes Hadoop, Spark (Scala and PySpark), Hive and tools like Airflow to test the data science logics and data engineering process. 

Continuously learning new technologies and tools helps us to be a successful team. Crayon provides employees the opportunity to thrive in the industry. 

Teamwork all the way  

I collaborate with multiple Crayons for different projects. Each and every person in the Crayon Box is innovative. And together, we are strong and unbeatable. Crayons aren’t simply task-focussed, but responsibility-driven. I cannot stress enough about the culture we have, that acts as a catalyst to innovate, experiment, and not be afraid of failures. I am challenged, and at the same time, encouraged to find creative ways to solve problems.  

My team are less like colleagues, and more like friends. And I’ve never felt alone in Crayon. I get support right from the top management to our friendly receptionist, Jithu. Everyone is easily accessible to help solve problems immediately. The team has the freedom to explore and be open with our thoughts and ideas. Leadership encourages creativity and boosts our chances of winning.