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Published August 25, 2021   |   
Team Crayon Data

A few decades ago, merchants only needed to concentrate on their craft or core-business to be profitable. Consumers actively sought businesses and gravitated towards those who emphasized craftsmanship. Unlike now, where retailers are the ones constantly looking for ways to acquire customers. The general assumption was that fame and profits followed because of the time these experts invested in honing their skills, innovating in their area of expertise.

Today, business owners across the board need to continuously upskill themselves in non-core business skills such as marketing and design. They pursue technical know-hows to stay informed of ever-evolving technology, which has increased competition and forced economic shifts. However, the few businesses willing to invest effort and resources fall short because of their unintuitive, one-size-fits-all approach to designing user-interfaces.

Even fewer of them have the operational rails to act on those insights, scale up and improve craftsmanship simultaneously. Enterprises, such as banks and financial institutions, now have an unanticipated opportunity to engage customers and monetize their channels by partnering with these merchants. At Crayon Data, we’ve been perceptive of this shift long before it was given due importance. Enter the Engage App.

Engagement is a two-way street

Engage App is a two-way marketplace connector which helps enterprises monetize their native platforms. It powers marketplaces (like maya.ai’s Bazaar) by increasing customer engagement. The app also bridges the gap between merchants and their target audience. And enables end-users to discover new products and brands based on their individual tastes and preferences.

Shift in marketplace, methods, and mindset

Why is this level of engagement important to an enterprise? In the mid-2000s, global e-commerce shopping had taken an upswing. Along with it, several brands and resellers thrived. Nasty Gal, born out of an eBay Store, is now a global brand. Previously, they sold outfits from local thrift stores and estate sales in and around San Francisco.

Founder Sophia Amoruso said they “didn’t really spend any money on marketing”. “We’ve just listened and tweaked…. It’s what’s great about online. You don’t have that same opportunity when people walk in and out of your store.” Despite this approach, the #girlboss could not scale and went bankrupt. Eventually, Nasty Gal was sold to the BooHoo group in 2017.

This is the kind of scenario that the Engage App helps avoid. And it’s not just for merchants. There’s something for all the stakeholders.

For your users:

We’re all about that [user] base, no trouble!

For end users, it’s Christmas all year round. Personalization on the Engage App doesn’t stop with a ‘Hey Taylor!’ Our intelligent platform:

  1. Understands the user’s interests and intent, and
  1. Provides personalized recommendations based on their preferences and context.

Suppose maya.ai categorizes Taylor as one of the many customers who is forever wearing denim. Serendipitously, a big discount drops on our platform from Taylor’s preferred denim brand. Guess who will be the first to know. Taylor, that’s who!

Additionally, every user account on our platform will have dynamic lists, populated based on their individual tastes. This means no two users will see the same set of products or merchants unless they are relevant to the user. If you’re thinking you want to provide a “Netflix-like” shopping experience, this is just the beginning. Did we mention, the platform is also GDPR compliant and doesn’t use PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to identify individuals? Your customers can engage with you without worrying about who’s going to get hold of their data. You’ll already be ahead of the data laws and privacy policies to protect them! How about that?

For Merchants

Merchants on our platform are busy bees, and we don’t want to keep them away from their craft. The Engage App helps them target and reach potential customers who are interested in their offers. This is achieved through dynamic offers and audience segmentation. The app also helps users discover new merchants by providing recommendations based on their TasteMatch Score™. This is the affinity a user is likely to have for a merchant and/or a product.

What’s more? The upcoming merchant facing studio, which is integrated into our Engage App, has a host of additional features. These will help merchants monitor and tweak on the go without drowning in an information overload.

For Enterprises

Nobody is ghosted harder than enterprises which have failed to delight customers through their platforms, services, and/or communication.

The Engage App helps you go beyond providing relevant and personalized offers for your customers, to communicate with them based on their preferences. This drives demand and engagement through the merchants, resulting in higher customer engagement, spends, and affiliate income. Ka-Ching!

Ready to talk about Engage App yet? Share your details below, and one of our personalization experts will get in touch!