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Published June 24, 2021   |   
Team Crayon Data

Crayon Data’s flagship platform,, features in the latest edition of Forbes India.

As part of their AI special issue, technology editor Harichandan Arakali put in the spotlight as a prime example of AI in customer analytics.

Date: Aug 13, 2021

Source: Forbes India

The choices we make, shopping online or using digital payments at physical stores, can tell the retailers, merchants and banks a lot about us. And today, AI programmes are sophisticated enough to be able to crunch that data and tell us much more effectively than traditional regression analyses, says Priyanshu Mishra, product leader at Crayon Data, a big data and AI company.

Crayon is a Singapore-based company that Suresh Shankar, a repeat entrepreneur, started about nine years ago, with much of its product development done out of Chennai. Crayon’s flagship product helps large banks, restaurants and hotel chains engage better with their end-consumers.

“The way they are looking to use AI is around the ability to understand and scale with their customers,” says Vidhyashankar Sriram, vice president for client solutions at Crayon. “How do I build scale around the intelligence that I carry?” Another area is about making their own operations smarter—for example, by being able to predict a potential breakdown in the IT systems.

Traditional methods essentially superimpose the behaviour of one segment of customers on another segment, Mishra says. At Crayon, with, “all of our algorithms focus on building out a ‘taste print’ or ‘taste profile’, which is essentially a combination of all the different variables”, he says. And tracks as many as 30 variables to define just one single individual.

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