Top 9 things you need to know about Business Intelligence software [Infographic]

Published October 6, 2016   |   

There are plenty of business growth areas, and one of the most vibrant has to be business intelligence, also known as BI. In just 2016 alone, BI is expected to grow by over 5 percent.

If you’re paying attention to the growth of technology shouldn’t be surprised by the concurrent growth of BI. The more data we generate, the more need we have to manage that information—and to do that, you need software.

But how do you pick that software? First, you have to analyze the available platforms. Then you must establish your goals and figure out how that new data can integrate with your current business systems. To do the latter, you must figure out who will use the BI information internally—and then you have to train them.

Like most things related to data, BI software will continue to change—stand-alone functions, affordability for example. To learn more about the present and the future state of BI, use this graphic.

things you need to know about bi software embed

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