Unlocking the potential of chatbots in eCommerce (Infographic)

Published February 26, 2018   |   

Chatbots are conversational tools, capable of engaging multiple users to give structured responses to the most basic queries. Due to their instantaneity and ease of use, they have demonstrated significant potential on E-Commerce websites. As users face issues getting to their desired product page on the website and making a purchase decision thereafter, chatbots can prove to be useful for enticing these users that are about to leave the website without purchasing.
In addition to increasing overall efficiency of customer service, chatbots can also be successfully targeted on relevant product pages to display offers and promotions in order to persuade users that are on the page. If used effectively, they could be great learning tools to know more about your customer’s shopping habits with the intention to offer more relevant products in the future. As research shows that more than 80% of businesses will have some sort of automation through chatbots by 2020; the future for chatbots in e-commerce does look very promising indeed.
This infographic by Market Inspector shows how chatbots optimize a customer’s online purchase experience using the most recent user surveys.

Unlocking the potential of chatbots AI in eCommerce Infographic