Why should banks create personalized omnichannel experiences?

Published October 20, 2021   |   
Team Crayon Data

Customer communication can be a hit or miss. Over the past decade, more channels have emerged than ever. This resulted in a number of unprecedented ways to reach the customer at a moment’s notice.

Wham, bam, hit every customer with spam

Enterprises incessantly market to every registered customer on their customer database. They do this irrespective of the context, such as the customer’s life cycle or purchase history or channel preference. As a result, customers make hasty decisions on “brand preference” based on these initial interactions or marketing messaging. Not every target group (of customers) tends to agree or disagree unanimously on a positioning.

This is because banks need to cater to three different generations of customers:

  1. Those who grew up on snail-mail
  2. Those who grew up on emails
  3. Those who were born with social media accounts

Even when under one roof, all these customers react differently and have varying channel and communication preference.

From multi-channel to omnichannel

Creating omnichannel experiences is much more strategic than merely adopting to multiple channels.

Multi-channel engagement is largely channel-centric. It is fragmented across several channels. Omnichannel engagement, on the other hand:

  1. Promotes unification and consistency
  2. Integrates across channels
  3. Is customer centric

It follows an empathy-driven approach to personalize customer engagement. What this really means is, it unifies all channels, identifies the customer interaction, and understands the customer journey.

When is a seamless omnichannel experience created? Not when a brand has established its presence across multiple communication channels. But when customers don’t have to start from ground zero each time they need a concern addressed. Yet, one key piece remains missing.

maya.ai’s magic beans: personalized omnichannel experiences

Customers want to be engaged in meaningful ways. Period. No amount of reinforcement will revive engagement from a disgruntled customer or re-activate a reneged customer if the communication doesn’t address their needs. The need for personalized omnichannel experiences has thus become vital.

With maya.ai, you can:

Personalize every content distribution system: Personalized conversations can be plugged into any existing content distribution system. Our AI-powered platform takes customer’s context and preferences into account. This means customers need not start from scratch. The intelligent platform is cognizant of customers’ needs and helps enterprises fulfill them through products and services.

Use one API to rule them all: More channels are being added to customers’ journeys. It’s natural to think that more channels = more channel marketing/management effort + overhead $$$

Drumroll, please.

maya.ai uses a single API to power all channels and provide a consistent, personalized, and real-time experience for your customers.

Stay GDPR and PII compliant: If bonus points are given for enterprises that are customer-centric, you’ve hit the jackpot! maya.ai’s Enterprise Studios – Taste Studio, Engage Studio and Commerce Studio – are GDPR compliant.

The studios do not use personal data to identify your customers’ tastes (to enable seamless discovery and fulfillment). Instead, they use a host of external data and internal (non-PII) data to give you a 360-degree view of your customer.

Enterprises that can’t stay relevant, risk losing everything. From customer-data to wallet share.

maya.ai can help you go from data to digital in < 2 weeks without invading customer’s privacy or contributing to spam. Share your details below, and one of our personalization experts will get in touch!

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